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June 6 2021 245pm

I know it sounds a bit out of the normal but that is exactly what life is about, being normal. My journey with PTSD has both taken and given so much to me. Through my imperfections i found perfection! Perfection is a state of contentment. Perfection is relative to the individual standards of each and every person on this planet. My perfection may not be yours and vice versa. This term ands standard of "perfection" has driven some to great achievements and heights while dragging others down a lonely and unfulfilled road of despair and unhappiness. Let your perfection be yours. Noone can tell you what perfect is!

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Pretina J. Lowery
Pretina J. Lowery

When you are satisfied with yourself, you do not make it someone else's responsibility to satisfy you. My careful attention to detail in my own life will ultimately cause everyone else I come in contact with to be a beneficiary of peace, hope and love.

Pretina J.

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